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How to Get the Gifts You Want at Your Wedding. Whether you want money, a plasma TV, or a fantastic honeymoon, we’ll tell you how to get the wedding gifts you want. You will need Gift registries Discreet ways to spread the word and a personal wedding website. Step 1. Figure out what you want most. These days, you can register for just about anything: cash, mortgage payments, air travel, donations to your favorite charities, stocks, and so on. Limiting the registry options makes it more likely that guests will comply–so stick to what you want! Step 2. Find an appropriate registry or registries by Googling “wedding registry” and the word for whatever you want–“cash,” “travel,” “stocks,” etc. Step 3. If you want all sorts of odds and ends from many different stores, consider signing up with “”. It lets you create a master list of stuff you want from multiple stores. Step 4. Get cash to pay for your honeymoon—without the tackiness of asking for it—by setting up a honeymoon registry on a site like “” or “”. Request specific honeymoon experiences you hope to enjoy–and your guests will feel like they’re buying you something tangible.

Send a picture of yourself enjoying the gift with your thank you note. Step 5. Make it easy for people to give what they can afford by letting them choose from a range of amounts. Pick places that allowed your guests shop in multiple ways–online, over the phone, or in person. Not everyone will be comfortable going online. Step 6. Register on a website that gives you frequent-flyer miles whenever a guest buys something from your list. “” offers couples one mile for every dollar spent on their site. Step 7. You’re ready to rake it in, so enlist the help of close friends and family members in spreading the word about where you’re registered and what you’re hoping to get.

And do what many modern couples do, and set up a wedding website, where you can nudge guests to your registry in a classy way. Because the point of a bridal shower is to “shower” you with gifts, your registry information should go on the invitation–but it’s considered tacky to include it with the wedding invitation. Step 8. See if you can cash in the gifts made toward something you end up not using, like an airline trip.

Step 9. Before you sign up with a national chain, check if it is possible to return gifts bought online a local store. Many couples secretly swap lots of smaller gifts for one large one. Did you know Americans spend $19 billion a year buying gifts from wedding registries?

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Hosley's White Electric Candle Warmer Large 5.4" Diameter. Ideal for Aromatherapy, Home Office, Dorm Rooms, Hotels or Any Place that You Cannot Have an Open Flame. O3

$8.99  in stock
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as of December 10, 2018 3:30 am


  • PRODUCT: Hosley's White Electric Candle Warmer
  • USE: The warmer will diffuse a pleasant fragrance into the air when melting wax melts or oils.
  • BENEFITS: Eliminates the need of burning a candle and you can just melt the wax for the fragrance. Ideal for aromatherapy, dorm rooms, home office hotels or any place that you cannot have an open flame.
  • MEASUREMENTS/MATERIAL: Each one has a warmer surface of 4" diameter and is made of plastic and metal.
  • HOSLEY BRAND PRODUCTS: Hosley brand products are made from quality raw materials with minimal wastage at every step of production. With the goal of achieving a neutral carbon footprint, please recycle and help leave Mother Earth better off for future generations.

Hosley's 5.4" White Electric Candle Warmer. Ideal for aromatherapy, dorm rooms, hotels or any place that you cannot have an open flame. Simple to use. Simply plug the unit into an electrical outlet, place a jar candle on the black circle with the lid removed, and turn the switch to "ON".

Coffee Table Decor Marble Coaster - Set of 4 For Your Kitchen, Dining, or Glass Table

$34.80  in stock
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as of December 10, 2018 3:30 am


BrandYogaCoaster - Handcrafted Marble Coaster Sets
ColorBlack and white
Item DimensionsHeight: 2; Length: 4; Width: 4
Package DimensionsHeight: 291; Length: 559; Weight: 250; Width: 488
Product GroupGuild Product
Product Type NameGUILD_HOME
TitleCoffee Table Decor Marble Coaster - Set of 4 For Your Kitchen, Dining, or Glass Table

Special Offer - Want to Save 5%, 10%, or 15% TODAY? Buy more than one set and Get EXTRA Discounts.

These are exactly what you would have seen in fine Victorian home more than 100 years ago. These lovely handmade coasters are made from real marble stone. This is significant as marble is the official stone of much of New England, USA - where 200 year old homes still insist on these special coasters.

Not only do they look unique and beautiful, they feel wonderful to the touch. If you're tired of common wooden coasters, step up to this one of a kind handmade marble. It a treat for your scenes while perfectly protecting your fine table tops.

Pen and Ink Line Drawings from 1700s & 1800s

Our coasters are adorned with familiar images from past centuries. Wooden coffee scoop, antique coffee brewer, classic cup & saucer with spoon, and antique coffee grinder. These are the perfect accompaniment to any steaming hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Finest Handmade Quality

Here at...

Kitchen bamboo Chopping board, Multifunction plastic Cutting Boards, Reversible Drain Cut meat vegetables tray

$73.99  out of stock
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as of December 10, 2018 3:30 am


  • ★ ★Multi-function tray -Cutting vegetables, simmering meat, holding, sorting, storing water, and boiling into the pot becomes a step, let you enjoy cooking.
  • ★ CUT INGREDIENTS LIKE A PRO CHEF - They are excellent for cutting / chopping fruits and vegetable such as carrots, celery,.broccoli, onions, pepper and meats like pork, beef, chicken, fish and much more.
  • ★Farm grownChicken wing wood - No forests were disturbed to make this product.
  • ★EASY TO CLEAN - Sponge with dishwashing detergent and warm water to clean the cutting board and rinse thoroughly
  • ★DECORATE FOR KITCHEN - Non-slip Cutting boards with the durability, features and style you want! Great idea for housewarming, birthday, graduation, bridal shower, wedding registry, christmas, holiday, or camping gifts. Perfect for the butcher or any house

Keep your kitchen classy with this special Cutting Board. When preparing any meal, you want to make sure that it is healthy, clean and sanitary. It is easy on knives and will make your cooking experience smoother and more enjoyable.

KEEP YOUR KNIVES SHARP. Bamboo is easy on your blades, keeping you from constant knife sharpening.

ECO FRIENDLY. Our bamboo board is made from organic material with no stains or pesticides. It resists staining and bacteria growth.

Easy to store, save space, easy to carry

PERFECT GIFT for your family, friends, new home owners and loved ones.

100pct bamboo and eco-friendly
Easy to maintain and clean
Easy to store
Material: Bamboo+PP
Use: General Chopping Board
Shape: Rectangle

Special caution:
Do not put in the dishwasher or immerse it in water for a long period of time. Never apply vinegar or undiluted bleach. Do not use vegetable oils such as olive and safflower to oil your bamboo cutting boards. These oils can go rancid, which will ruin your cutting board.
Due to...

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