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Sportneer Balance Board, Wobble Balance Training Boards Workout Exercise With 4 Resistant Bands, For Fitness, Toning, Strengthening and Weight Loss

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  • FULL-BODY WORKOUT: Sculpt your body from head to toe. This workout balance board targets your arms, legs, abs, and everything in between! Use it for squats, pushups, planks, oblique twists, and so much more
  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: Amp up the intensity with the 4 detachable resistance bands! Each band provides a different level of resistance (green 15 lbs, blue 25 lbs), stackable up to 80 lbs- you'll always have the perfect resistance for your workout and ability
  • STURDY, WEIGHT-BEARING PLASTIC: Premium ABS plastic resists bending and breakage, and the high-quality resistance bands won't snap no matter how hard you pull! You'll be able to workout for years on end
  • BRING THE GYM HOME: Build your beach body from the living room! This amazing workout balance board can tone your body, improve your balance, and rehabilitate your muscles after an injury
  • PERFECT FOR PERSON ON THE MOVE: The Sportneer Workout Balance Board is the most portable piece of exercise equipment you'll ever own. At only 26"x11"x1/2" and 3 pounds, you'll be able to take it with you wherever you go

Product Description

Come home from a tiring day? Want a beach-ready body? You can get it and enjoy a dynamic workout from the comfort of your own home with the Sportneer Workout Balance Board! FULL BODY WORKOUT This awesome tool provides a full body workout- it's so much fun, you won't even realize that you've broken a sweat. - Use the balance board to tone your legs, core, arms, and more! Need more intensity? - Take your exercise to the next level with the 4 included resistance bands! [NOTE!] One GREEN resistance band provides 15 lbs resistance while one BLUE band 25 lbs, stackable up to 80 lbs. EASY TO USE Simply clip the carabiners into the holes, hold on to the grips, and torch those calories. EASY TO CARRY At only 26"x11"x1/2" and 3 pounds, this balance board is light enough to take with you on the go! Toss it in your gym bag, backpack, or suitcase so that you can work out whenever and wherever you need. SMALL BODY Short on space? It's small enough to be tucked away in a...

15-Minute Strength & Sculpt 4.0 Workout

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ActorMaggie Binkley
BindingAmazon Video
CreatorMaggie Binkley
Product GroupMovie
Release Date2017-05-31
Running Time17
StudioMaggie Binkley
Title15-Minute Strength & Sculpt 4.0 Workout

Sparthos Training Mask High Altitude Mask – for Gym Workouts, Running, Cycling, Cardio, Elevation - Fitness Training Mask - Hypoxic Resistance Mask 2 3 – Lung Exercise [M] [+Case]

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  • ✅ CUT YOUR WORKOUT TIME IN HALF! - Training Mask by SPARTHOS makes workouts more effective by simulating high altitude. It will force you to take full and deeper breaths, toughening your diaphragm and respiratory system.
  • ✅ UNLOCK THE CHAMPION IN YOU - Breathe efficiently and reach unmatched endurance. Less fatigue, hardened body, more energy after training.
  • ✅ PROVEN RESULTS, PROVEN TECHNOLOGY - SPARTHOS Workout Mask is anatomically designed, cutting edge technology to energize any exercise - cardio, gym, running, cycling or aerobic exercises. Simulate altitude training and exercise your breathing anywhere.
  • ✅ AMPLIFY THE INTENSITY! - 16(!) breathing levels at your disposal - from beginner to pro. Change air flow intensity during workouts. No need to take your mask off!
  • ✅ GET IT. ADD TO CART. BE LEGENDARY. - You have no risk with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Product Description

Push Past Your Physical Limits With SPARTHOS Have you ever noticed how calm and relaxed the best endurance athletes look when they're pacing themselves through a race? The ease with which they run 5:00 min/mile or cycle above 30 mph? Obviously they put in a ton of training time, which you probably can't replicate, but they also use the latest sports technology to amp up their stamina... so why aren't you? Altitude training masks aren't anything new. All types of athletes, professional and recreational, have been using them to take their training up a notch. From gym enthusiasts to runners, cyclists, and martial artists. Choose according your weight: Small (up to 155lb) Medium (155lb - 220lb) Large (more than 220lb),

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