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Online Shopping Hacks & Tips (Sales, Discount Codes & Advice) - Lily Melrose 1

– Hi guys, I hope all is well. So for today’s video I thought I would do what I mentioned in I think it was my last video, or maybe it was my Top Shop call, that I would do a video on some of my online shopping tips. This is very specifically for online shopping, because I do think that going to an actual shop, the experience shopping is completely different, and I can probably do a video on that in itself because it’s a very big topic, but for today’s video I’m gonna be focusing on the online. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it. So my first tip is to keep in mind the measurement. Pretty much every website lists the measurements and lengths of most of their items on the actual website. It’s always a good idea to look at the size of the model as well, they normally list them as probably like five foot nine, and size eight, but sometimes they do vary.

I always think of something that’s long on a model that’s five foot nine, it’s gonna look way too long on me. Or if something looks oversized on someone who’s a size eight then maybe think about sizing down. I’m not really one that ever really looks at label sizes, I always look at things on how they’ll fit. Obviously in an online situation you don’t have the luxury of seeing what it will look like before it comes, just sort of guesstimate based on what it looks like on the model, and then what sizing I would normally get, and just kind of play it by ear and hope for the best. My second tip is to always Google for discount codes. Most of the time I’ve noticed that discount codes normally come up around public holidays, like Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, also normally codes around pay day, but I think it’s always really, really important just to Google whatever shop, like New Look discount or whatever, and just see if there is any active codes at the moment.

For example the other day I bought some stuff off River Island, I don’t normally shop at River Island, just because it’s not really one of those shops I normally go on. This shirt is actually from River Island. Basically I just Googled discount codes River Island, and then one popped up for 25% off, which is a pretty good deal, like this shirt was like, 39 pounds, with 25% off, it’s even better you know. Obviously if you’re a student, always use your student discount, and I think UNiDAYS is like the big thing, I think that’s the site that everyone uses now for discount codes for students. I haven’t been a student for a long time so I feel like I can’t really comment on that, but always just Google it, it’s always worth it, if you’re gonna save like 10% or 5%, or even 25%, like I did with my River Island order it’s so worth spending those extra five seconds Googling. I have also noticed that if you’re a member of a site and you’re logged in, and you save stuff into your bag, and don’t check out, often you’ll get a discount code like a couple of days later, kinda trying to push you into buying stuff.

I know that FeelUnique and Lookfantastic do that all the time, they always seem to like, send me a discount code just a couple of days after I’ve been on the site and not bought anything. Though it’s kind of stalkerish and very, very weird, it does save you money in the long run. Next thing is about quality and cheapness. I don’t think quality and cheapness are always relative. Sometimes you can find things that are really, really cheap and really affordable, and they look amazing, for example I have this white top from Boohoo which I absolutely love, and I think I paid 16 pounds for it, but I think looks really, really expensive, it’s amazing quality, and it’s just honestly one of the nicest things that I’ve bought in a very long time. Obviously it’s a lot harder to tell when you’re looking at a picture, if it’s gonna be cheap or look bad in real life.

Although I love Boohoo, I often find a lot of their stuff is very, very hit and miss, some of it’s amazing, some of it’s really rubbish, so it’s definitely worth keeping that in mind, if it looks cheap and sounds cheap, and is cheap, it might be cheap in the end. That literally makes no sense, I’m really sorry. I’m really struggling to film this video because we’re having our irrigation system redone, and it’s so loud and so noisy, and it’s actually making this room that I’m in shake. (distant machinery hums) Ooh, they stopped, maybe I can talk again. Another thing to keep in mind is if you desperately need something for an event, don’t leave it till the last minute, and definitely buy more than one size. I’ve had so many mishaps with Asos recently, with them, basically their delivery cutoff time is normally like, 11, 12 o’clock, and I’ve ordered things at like, nine, for next day delivery and they’ve arrived on time, and then I’ve ordered things around the same time and they’ve not come on time, and it’s the most frustrating thing ever.

Obviously it’s my own fault for leaving it so late, but normally they’re pretty reliable, but I’ve had a few mishaps recently and it’s pissed me off. There are brands that I just definitely don’t order from because they’ve done so many things to annoy me in the past, to do with delivery, for example Missguided, I won’t buy from Missguided because I hate Yodel, the delivery company, and I just really don’t like Missguided at all, I don’t like, I just don’t like them. Maybe I’ll talk about it one day, the behind-the-scenes stuff about that, but that’s another story. Again if you desperately need something like a dress for an occasion, buy more than one size.

Obviously it’s more expensive and if you have the money to be able to buy the same dress in two sizes, just to see which one fits better, then definitely do it, it’s not worth risking it if you need something ASAP, and you need something urgently, and it comes and you could do with a size up or a size down, so just order the two sizes. Then we come to sales, now I’m not a sale person, I don’t enjoy sale time, I always think if I didn’t want something full price why would I want it half price? I’m not really that into sales so I can’t really comment on this, but I’m gonna add it in anyway, because I feel like it’s an important thing to make. Look around for presales and then typical dates that sales start, if anyone works for any specific retailers and wanna leave some tips down in the comments section, then help a sister out, I’m sure there’ll be people out there who’d love sales and would love to know when they’re gonna start, because there’s nothing more annoying than when you buy something full price, wear it, and then next week it’s like half price in the sale.

That always happens to me, and that’s why I get so annoyed about sale time. But I do think it’s definitely worth looking for high-ticket items go into the sale, for example coats, coats always get super cheap around New Year. Check other brands websites. An example of this is when I bought a mesh bodysuit from the brand Glamorous, on Asos, I think it was like 28 pounds, and I went on their actual website, the Glamorous website, and I think it was like in the sale for like, 10 maybe, and then I found a discount code for 15% off, so I think in total I paid plus postage, for this bodysuit which was on Asos for literally, like double the price. I don’t normally do that but I was just checking something else out on the Glamorous website, and I was like, wait a second, why am I spending double on the same thing, so it’s definitely worth checking out the original retailer if you’re buying something on like a multi-brand website.

But speaking of multi-brand retailers, they’re really good if you wanna buy things from more than one shop, but don’t wanna keep paying all the postage for different things. For example Asos and Zalando have so many different brands, Asos has tons and tons of brands as well as their own branded stuff, and they stock River Island, they stock New Look, Warehouse, Oasis, like so many High Street retailers, and you can just buy it all in one place. Always look for free shipping and free returns. I always, always loathe any website that makes you pay to return something.

I don’t think that’s right, I know Missguided charge like to return a parcel, and I think that’s wrong, I think you shouldn’t charge your customers a return fee, I just think it’s weird. Most if not all online fashion retailers offer free postage over a certain amount. But always look for free shipping codes. When you’re buying stuff online and you’re not sure if you’re gonna keep it you don’t wanna be throwing away four pounds delivery if you don’t actually like it, it’s just a waste of money. I love Asos Premier, I think Asos Premier is so, so worth it, it’s like 10 pounds for a whole year of free next day delivery.

Boohoo have also started doing free next day delivery, for a year for a tenner, and honestly it’s one of the best things that I pay for, it’s so useful, it helps me out in so many sticky clothing situations, and it really, really is worth it. When you think about it, next day delivery on a lot of websites can be between 6-8 pounds, I know that Zara is something ridiculous. Yeah, always, always check for free returns and free shipping, don’t pay for it, just don’t, it’s not worth it. So yeah, there we go, those are my online shopping tips. I think that those are like the key ones, I feel there’s probably more that I’ve missed out, but if you guys have any tips or tricks or whatever when you’re online shopping then do leave them in the comments, because I know that most people watch videos and read comments at the same time.

That’s definitely not just me, right? Coz I swear that I’ll watch a video on the YouTube app and then I’ll always scroll down and read the comments. So if you do comment with any useful information I’m sure everyone will be really, really appreciative. I know a lot of people find it intimidating buying things online, but I haven’t had any huge issues ever, which I’m very, very thankful for, apart from with Missguided, I just don’t like Missguided. I really hope you guys enjoyed watching this video, please give it a big thumbs up if you liked it, please subscribe to may channel if you’re not already, and I’ll speak to you guys in my next video. If you have any suggestions of videos you’d like to see on this channel, then do let me know.

Yeah, thank you so much for watching and bye..

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