Yiwa Skin Care Scar And Acne Mark Removal Gel Ointment Acne Scar Cream Scar Removal Cream 1Pcs/2Pcs - EStop And Shop

Yiwa Skin Care Scar and Acne Mark Removal Gel Ointment Acne Scar Cream Scar Removal Cream 1Pcs/2Pcs

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Item Type: Scar Removal Cream

Weight: Approx. 52g

Efficiency: Scar removing, smooth the irregularity, anti-wrinkles, balance the skin color

Net Content: 30g

Package includes:

1 x Scar Removal Cream, or 2 x Scar Removal Cream


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Product Features

Adopts natural ingredients which is mild, no allergy and will not cause skin irritation.
Can easily penetrate into the skin to soften the scar, promote the skin natural renewal and curing.
Light texture, can be absorbed quickly and easy to apply.
It can help to smooth the marks, remove the scars, anti-wrinkles and balance the skin color.
Suitable for acne mark, pimple scars, insect bite marks, rub mark, stretch marks, burns, etc.

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