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Expand & Magnetize Your Life Force, Weight Loss, Depression & Sadness Support - Powerforms Geometric Copper Healing Antenna Soul Activator Disk 2.25" Dia

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  • ✔RELEASE WEIGHT, SADNESS & DEPRESSION - Neutralize negative emotions and voices in your head around self and eating ~ Align with Healthy vibrations and thought forms • The Soul Activator is responsive to your positive intentions • Access direct experiences that bypass years of learning as you intuitively re-discover your essential life energy • Remove the Anxiety & Stress of other peoples energy • Enhance & Raise your own self-image
  • ✔ ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE FORCE & AURA - Resonate with and know your true self • Feel presence of universal energy within your own body mind spirit • Experience unity with all of creation • Transmute energy blocks • Create smooth energy flow • Activate cleanse aura chakras subtle energy pathways
  • ✔ SPIRITUAL ENERGY CATALYST ENLIVENS YOU • Smooths your energy flow • Awaken your aura • Raise your vibration • Deepen your energy awareness • Align with your highest truth so you can manifest your potential
  • ✔ INTEGRATE YIN AND YANG ENERGIES - Transcend limitation • Align with deeper will-power • Open positive universal life energy • Align with your highest truth • Manifest your potential
  • ✔ HOW TO USE- Simply sweep plate over your body • Or hold it between your hands • Or use the 9 different finger tip position exercises in the 27 page instruction book

Product Description

Powerforms are exquisitely tuned harmonic geometric copper antenna plates. Each plate consists of four precisely tuned layers, containing hundreds of harmonic copper geometric elements Together, they create a well-tuned subtle-energy field that works with your magnetic field to help you balance and transform your energy. The Plate uses vibrational osmosis (the spiritual-energy language your aura understands), also known as Sympathetic Resonance. Vibration is also called sympathetic resonance, because one vibration encourages other vibrations to resonate "in sympathy." To understand this, imagine one tuning fork (the Powerforms Plate) spontaneously causing a second tuning fork (your own atoms) to resonate in harmony. Simple & Easy to use for all - beginners to professionals Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Energy & Body Workers, and Spiritual Practioners use it in their practices. Also good to use for those interested in Reiki & EFT Tapping. •Activate cleanse aura, chakras, subtle...

Angels and Ascension: Integrate Celestial Energy for a Benevolent Life

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AuthorRae Chandran
BindingKindle Edition
FormatKindle eBook
LabelLight Technology Publishing
LanguagesName: English; Type: Published
ManufacturerLight Technology Publishing
Number Of Pages171
Product GroupeBooks
Product Type NameABIS_EBOOKS
Publication Date2016-08-02
PublisherLight Technology Publishing
Release Date2016-08-02
StudioLight Technology Publishing
TitleAngels and Ascension: Integrate Celestial Energy for a Benevolent Life

Product Description

Much support is available for humanity. Angelic support has always been available, but people did not know about it because they were looking for a tangible support system — something they could see, feel, or touch. In the new consciousness, you must learn to believe in the unseen. Know support is available if you focus.The angels completely support every human soul on the planet as well as all animals, plants, and trees, but you must ask for this support system to be activated. We bring the understanding of angels so that you can work with them to find joy, peace, and freedom in your heart. We encourage you to speak with all your friends and family about the benefits of working with angels. Work with angels every day, and you will see the difference.Includes Mudras, Breathing Exercises, and Intonations!Chapters Include:• Enhance Your Senses and Vitality• Boost Your Mental Facilities• Expand Your Consciousness• Use Numbers to Improve Your Life• Find Your Blueprint and Life Plan•...

Integrate Aspect of Your Life

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BindingMP3 Music
CreatorRelaxation Meditation Songs Divine
LabelMind Palace Rec.
ManufacturerMind Palace Rec.
Product GroupDigital Music Track
Publication Date2017-05-05
PublisherMind Palace Rec.
Release Date2017-05-05
Running Time203
StudioMind Palace Rec.
TitleIntegrate Aspect of Your Life
Track Sequence45
How Trauma Can Impact Your Yoga Practice

How Trauma Can Impact Your Yoga Practice

June 3, 2018 - Organic Authority

Yoga can strengthen a person's body and calm their mind. However, the whole yoga practice—going to class, interacting with a teacher—can cause stress if a student has experienced trauma. We reached out to a handful of yoga and medical professionals...

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