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21 Teachers Who Are Inspiring Young Minds…By Being Total Trolls

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Being a teacher can be one of the most rewarding jobs of all time…but it can also be one of the toughest. All of those educators out there have to do something to keep themselves sane on the really rough days. We all know that kids have a tendency to mouth off in class.

One great way to deal with that stress is to mess with students. Just ask these trolling teachers.

1. Always read the directions in full.

2. Nothing like giving kids a nice dose of existential dread!

3. Jerry and Robby were definitely asking for it, I’m sure.

4. Yes, that is a threat.

5. Very mature.

6. This guy has jokes.

7. So much for positive reinforcement.

8. None…shall…pass!!!

9. A friendly reminder of our inevitable mortality.

10. Do we have any Gaga fans out there?

11. “Stacy, why don’t you come up here and pour these chemicals into the cylinder?”

12. This is what I’d do if I found a shrub in the parking lot, too.

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13. Hmmm, I wonder…

14. Trolling for the greater good!

15. #Swag

16. They say it’s helpful to use pop culture references in your lessons.

17. I’m not entirely sure which one is the real assignment here…

18. “Why are there so many of these in a row? Oh…”

19. Always.

20. A very important lesson in biology.

21. Teachers need to have pointless fun, too.

Can you remember when you were a kid in middle school or high school? We were monsters! I applaud these teachers for their (mostly) lighthearted approach to dealing with the madness.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/troll-teachers/

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