Background: Fred White born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica.   Since 1996, he has been building websites and continued to because of his love for communication. His style of making, sites have evolved from doing HTML codes to content management systems first with PHPNuke, then Joomla and now uses WordPress, which is the most-used open source CMS worldwide.

With the millions of fast moving trending stories on the web from social media and news outlets, making it almost impossible for surfers cannot keep up with, Estop-and-Sop is all about capturing the trending stories and slow them down in one place giving surfers a chance to catch up.

The trending stories including but not limited to, reviews on top products and brand from major online stores. Also, other exciting topics beneficial to members.

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 estopandshop fred white on social mediaestopandshop fred white on social mediaestopandshop fred white on social media
 fred white on social mediafred white on social mediafred white on social media

With millions of videos being watched a day throughout the many favorite video sites platforms, no wonder that I am into video making, marketing, promoting affiliate programs but keeping my roots of communicating with helpful content that my members will benefit in some way or the other.