5 best urgent tips on Wigs for Cancer Patients that are Real

Wigs For Cancer Patients – the story goes this way that when a breast cancer patient comes to visit me before they start chemotherapy, these are the things I tell them about the differences between a medical wig and a fashion wig. 

  1. There is a vast difference between a fashion wig and a medical wig. Sometimes medical wigs are called a cranial prosthesis.
  2. Fashion wigs are excellent for lots of people in lots of things, but they are called fashion because they got designed to change your look and change your hair’s style. 
  3. Most of them are made with different materials, and the insides are not very comfortable for women who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. 
  4. Most cancer patients, especially breast cancer patients who have lost their hair, their scalps are very tender. 
  5. These patients who have cancer, their head is very tender when something is put on their head. So the inside of a medical wig is made, so the inside of the wig is lined and soft. It fits their head better. When they move their head, the wig doesn’t move. 

When they pull their hair back, they have an invisible hairline, so the hair looks like it is their hair is growing out of their scalp. The cancer patient can now comb the hair, where the hair looks good in the head, and feel confident while wearing it.

5 tips Wigs for Cancer Patients are Real

Here is a cancer patient’s story on wigs for cancer patients. 

When I was diagnosed with cancer in September 2014, I had my mastectomy in January 2015. I finished my chemo treatments in July.

 One day at a time, everything is going according to god’s plan. Losing my hair was emotional because I feel as women, we’re very much into our hair. My hair was very long that I considered it mid-length. My hair was like my main concern with hair loss, and before me losing my hair.

I cut my hair that I wouldn’t have the initial shock of the air falling off to prepare myself. I was recommended by a friend to see hairstylist because it’s always about men’s hair loss in today’s society. You don’t hear about women’s hair loss or what they have to offer for them. My consultation was great. Once I got there, I felt very welcomed, and she prepared me very well.

Many questions were asked to me like how did I wear my hair and the color, so when I got the wig, I felt like me.” 

Together, let us watch the following CBS video talking about wigs for cancer patients.

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