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Can you go swimming wearing your wig? Its a concern many of you wig wearers might have or asking.

Watch the video is right here in the blog. We have an edited version in the text.

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You know that on Youtube, you may find almost anything that you would like to know about, and I turn to Youtube to see this question.

“Hey, guys, what’s up welcome back, so today I am getting ready to head outside to go in the pool. I decided that I’m going to do a little bit of swimming. I want to test out whether or not my weight can withstand the pool.

I had a client come and ask me, can I get in the pool with my wig on so I told her that usually like I’m not a big swimmer. She says she’s a swimmer, so I said, let me test out through glue and let me see which adhesives would work well for you for those of you who want to go swimming with your wigs.

Today I have my hair bonded down with ghost bond for about four days, so it is time to kind of switch it out and redo it again. I want to see if everything else stays put like it claims to be waterproof. We’re getting ready to go outside, and I’m going to test this theory out.

We’re getting ready to get in the pool, and we’ll see if this thing stays on my head or not. Now we will tell if this wig that I am wearing is waterproof as soon as I hit the water. I’m not going to wash my hair every week, but sometime in the summer, I’ll try to see if it was waterproof.

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