50 Popular American made clothing for Women the top Brands

Vozobi Women’s Halter Wrap Crop Top

In our blog, American made clothing for Women is the product selected as the item displayed in our clothing line, but before you get to the showroom, we take a trip into what clothing is.


Clothing, more commonly referred to as clothesapparel, garments, and attire, is worn on a person’s body. The wearing of clothes is mostly confined to human beings and is a feature of all human civilizations. Generally, clothing is made of fabrics or textiles. Over time clothing has included garments made from animal skin and other thin sheets of materials and natural products uncovered in the environment. 

People’s quantity and type of clothing worn depend on their gender, body type, social factors, and geographic considerations. The garments cover our bodies, footwear covers the feet, gloves cover the hands, and hats and headgear cover the head. Eyewear and jewelry are not normally considered clothing but play an important role in fashion and clothing as an outfit.

The clothing we wear serves many purposes: it can serve as protection from the elements, rough surfaces, sharp stones, rash-causing plants, and insect bites by providing a barrier between the skin and the environment. Also, clothing can insulate against hot or cold situations, and it can provide a hygienic barrier, keeping infectious and toxic materials away from one’s body. 

Clothing protects the body against injury in specific tasks, sports, and warfare. It can also provide defence against UV radiation and help with acuity in harsh environments. Clothing may also be used to carry things while freeing the hands.

Some forms of personal protective equipment amount to clothing, such as coveralls or a doctor’s white coat. More specialized forms of protective equipment, such as face shields, are classified as protective accessories.

Clothing has significant social factors as well. Wearing clothes is a variable social norm that can connote modesty. If one is deprived of clothing in front of others may be considered embarrassing to a person. For instance, there are parts of the world not wearing clothes so that breasts, genitals or buttocks are visible can be considered indecent exposure.

At the far extreme, self-enclosing diving suits or space suits are form-fitting body covers and amount to a form of dress. This sequence will continue to blur as wearable technology embeds assistive devices directly into the fabric; the enabling creations are ultra-low power consumption and flexible electronic substrates.


Our clothes also hybridize into a personal transportation system. Like ice skates or roller skates, cargo pants or other outdoor survival gear, one-man-band) or hiding systems (stage magicians, hidden linings or pockets in tradecraft, integrated holsters for concealed carry, merchandise-laden trench coats on the black market — where the purpose of the clothing often carries over into disguise). A mode of the dress fit to purpose, whether stylistic or functional, is known as an outfit or ensemble.

American made clothing for Women is not limited to any size, culture, brand etc. Affordable clothing brands made in the USA are designed and made affordable women’s clothing made in the USA. Also, women’s cotton clothing made in the United States is made by local US companies and sold by top online stores in the US. The clothing lines of women’s clothing not made in china or anywhere else.

Made In USA Clothing Brands Women:

Vetta | Amour Vert | Graceful District | Reformation | MATE | Harvest & Mill | Valani | Karen Kane | DAY/WON | Et Tigre | Simplicitie | Hackwith Design House | Gamine Workwear | Elizabeth Suzann | Lynn Skye | Sira | Bella + Canvas.

American Made Mens Clothing Brands:

American Trench | American Giant | Tellason | Battenwear | Velva Sheen | Stan Ray | Pistol Lakes | Ebbets Field Flannels | Left Field NYC | Gitman Brothers | Oak Street Bootmakers | Todd Shelton |

We focus here on affordable women’s clothing made in USA, however, there a also affordable clothing brands made in USA for the male figures the men clothing made in are American.

American made clothing for Women sold on Walmart

American made clothing for Women sold on eBay

For over 30 years, the brand Vetta has been creating clothes in the USA, American made clothing for Women. The company’s woven clotheslines are made in NYC, and a partner factory in Los Angeles knits the sweaters wear. One of the fascinating parts of Vetta’s approach to the fashion industry is how they curate these clothes into capsules of 5 items individually.

With those 5 items, it is possible to build a month’s worth of outfits. You can purchase the capsule as a whole or individually. Either way, the goal is to help one spend less time picking an outfit in the morning and more time enjoying one’s day.

Women’s cotton clothing made in USA

Many of these American made clothing for women are made with cotton. Example, below are women’s cotton tops made in USA get 5 star ratings for perfectly fit, softnes and comfortable on the body.

Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Bralette

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  • Item model number ‏ : ‎: f3785
  • Department ‏ : ‎: Womens
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎: April 17, 2014
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎: Calvin Klein
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎: B08GGYJWNN


  • 53% Cotton, 35% Modal, 12% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Pull-On closure
  • Machine Wash
  • LESS IS MORE: Unlined and underwire-free, this Calvin Klein bra combines the label’s famously sporty-sexy look with the feel of a favorite tee.
  • MODERN COTTON: Spun in...

In the words of one verified purchase on Amazon, wrote the following. “I am a straight, married male. Though I am in very good shape, I have well-defined breasts which at times is a little embarrassing when under certain clothing.

My wife and I enjoy my wearing of nice bras and panties (normally only at home), so I thought I would also try a bralette that I could wear under daily wear without showing through. This bralette rocks! It is a racerback so there are no adjuster straps or hook/eye closure to show through. It is light weight and supportive for me, as well as hiding well my breasts. I am so pleased I am going to order a couple more.


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